Our first priority, our highest attainment, is always to love God. But if we love God, we will also love our neighbor. Love God AND love your neighbor – there are no commandments greater than these. On these commandments depend the entirety of God’s instruction to us. If we do not love our neighbor, consequently, we do not truly love God.

Loving our neighbor requires a heart transformed by the Gospel. If we love only those who love us, we are no more than a reflection of the world. Instead, we are commanded to love as Jesus loved. We are to love in word and deed, despite differences or barriers. We are to love the sinners, the outcasts, the least of these…we are even to love our enemy.

We have asked God to show us how to be neighbor focused and how to love the Lanark Park neighborhood where we live. After much prayer and consideration we came to the following three principles for being neighbor-focused.

Engage: We want to know, listen, understand, and learn from this neighborhood; We want to walk with our neighbors and build relationships.

Collaborate: We want to partner with our neighbors to understand where and how relationships are broken in the neighborhood - materially, interpersonally, and spiritually; to identify the Gospel need.

Respond: With our neighborhood partners we want to respond to restore those material, interpersonal, and spiritual relationships; to proclaim the Gospel, to teach the Gospel, and do the Gospel.

Living in the neighborhood

Much of our church family is either from or has chosen to move into the Lanark neighborhood.  If you are interested in serving or relocating to the neighborhood and would like to connect with others who live in the Lanark neighborhood, 


Neighborhood feast

We do NOT have an LSPV Service these Sundays at the building. Instead, we will be sharing a meal and time with our neighbors in Lanark Park. This is a time to offer welcome and develop/continue relationships with our Neighbors. Please personally invite others! Everyone's participation is needed...

TIME: 12:30 P.M. until ??

WHERE: Lanark Park - in the area south of the artificial turf soccer field towards the Topanga/Strathern corner of the Park. (Look for the white LSPV Pop-Up Tents.)

WHO: Everyone is welcome - Our Neighbors and the LSPV Community

WHAT: A shared meal with freshly prepared on-site Pupusas/Tacos from local vendors/neighbors along with side salad and/or fruit, drinks, and homemade cookies. It will be a time to enjoy a meal and fellowship together.

*** We will also have some organized sports/games for those who are interested.*** 

Neighborhood recreational ministry

Living Stones Church participates in, partners with, or provides the following sports/fitness/recreation programs.  We view these opportunities as a way to engage and collaborate with our neighbors as we build relationships to demonstrate and proclaim the Gospel. 

  • Lanark Recreation center

    year-round Youth  Sports leagues

    Lanark Recreation Center is a facility of the City Los Angeles Department of Parks and Recreation in our neighborhood.  We participate and invest in the youth recreational sports teams programs by playing, coaching, and supporting the seasonal leagues including soccer, basketball, and baseball.  

    Please visit the Recreation Center office to sign-up for leagues.